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Did you ever have the opportunity to journey on Highway 41 through Northeastern Wisconsin? If you did, you probably viewed one of the many billboards promoting Seguin’s House of Cheese.

In doing so, I’m sure you noticed the huge face of a Holstein cow sporting a wedge-shaped piece of Wisconsin Cheese on its head. Proudly Uttering: Seguin’s Cheese “Your Cheese Store with Mooore”. Prompting you to “Mooove ahead” 36 miles down to 1 mile (depending on what board you see) and visit one of the State of Wisconsin’s, most unique and enjoyable Cheese Gift Shops.

That’s right! If only cows could talk! You would have to agree the Holstein on the billboard definitely echo’s the truth. For not only does Seguin’s House of Cheese feature World Famous Wisconsin Cheese, Cheese Curds, and Ice Cream. But, let us not forget, plenty of Tasty Samples. Seguin’s also offers Award winning Wisconsin Smoked meats, local Maple Syrup, Honey and Weinke’s Door County Pickles.

Now! If “Yoooure” beginning to wonder? Yes, there is…. even “Mooore”. Seguin’s also feature popular candies from family owned Wisconsin and Michigan candy makers. Including Sayklly’s of Escanaba, Michigan and Vande Walles, Dillon’s and L & L Homemade from Wisconsin.

Jams from Slacks in Lodi, Wisconsin and Keweenaw Jams from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Wisconsin Wines and Liquors from 15 different Wineries and Craft Distilleries. Plus, a large collection of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Craft beers.

Now! If is this isn’t enough, “Yoooure” absolutely right,

Their Footwear department features one of the Midwest’s largest selections of Minnetonka Moccasins in Traditional Men’s, Women’s and Children’s styles, as well Minnetonka’s New Women’s Fashion Boot line and their time honored Suede Fringe Boot Line.

They also offer Old Friend Men’s and Women’s Sheepskin Loafers, Scuffs and Booties. Men’s styles are available up to size 16 in medium and wide width, 5EEEEE width come in sizes 9 thru 14. Women’s are available up to size 12.

Clothing includes Wisconsin, Michigan and Upper Michigan Hats, Tees, Sweats and Hoodies. Lazy One’s comic P.J.s and Boxers. Trail Crest, Sherpa and Fleece Lined Jackets and Tops. Men’s and Women’s Stormy Kromer Caps.

Whoops, and let’s not forget Seguin’s Gift, Jewelry and card sections or their Green Bay Packer and Yooper Areas. Need we say “Mooore“?


Seguin’s House of Cheese, Inc. was established in 1967 with a partnership between Russell Seguin Sr. and his wife Viola, Russell Seguin Jr. and his wife Patricia and Ronald Seguin and his wife Diana. The land on which Seguin’s stands today was purchased from a local physician, Dr. John Bell and a local Insurance agent, Clifford Brabender, for the then pricey sum of $3500 dollars.

The property, 12 wooded acres with 670 feet of frontage on Highway 41 is located 45 miles North of Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go, Pack, Go), three miles south of the City of Marinette and about 5 miles south of the Wisconsin and Michigan border.

The section of the property on which the building and parking lot now sit, was cleared by hand by the 3 Seguin men, a few friends, a single medium sized chainsaw, bow saw, a 1960’s Willies Jeep and an incredible amount of Insect Spray.


The Idea to enter the Cheese business came about, like many things in a person’s life, by chance. Starting in 1948 thru present day the Seguin’s family owned first a Standard Oil full service Gas Station and currently a BP Convenience store in the city of Marinette. The BP is currently owned by Ron’s nephew, Russell Seguin the III.

During the early 1960’s when tourists would visit the area and stop for gas they would often inquire where they could buy World Famous Wisconsin Cheese? Never the type of business people to leave a need go unfilled the Seguin’s were soon selling Cheese and Summer Sausage out of a tiny 4′ X 6′ cooler in the Gas Station Office. Not more than 10 feet from where the hoist used for changing oil and greasing cars was located. I wonder if you could get away with that today.

In the late 1960’s because of a continued increase in Cheese sells and limited room for expansion the family moved the cheese operations to the present Highway 41 location. The business has been run by Ron and Diana since the late 1980’s. Total ownership passed to them in the early 2000’s.

More recently the business was purchased by Randy Klema who looks to build on the success story of the cheese and gift shop.


Through the years Seguin’s have had anywhere from 10 to 16 billboards within 20 miles of the Store.

It was always Ron’s belief that when you are doing business on a major Highway with your potential customers passing by at 60 to 70 miles per hour. No matter what you were selling or no matter how good it was, if you wanted those customers to stop, you had to let them know where you were and what you had.

Billboards get them in the door, says Ron, but quality products and great customer service by a fun-loving crew of employees keeps them coming back.


People that live or did live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The word Upper pronounced with a long U (you) add the per and you get the word Yooper.

A group of hard working, fun loving people who love the outdoors and enjoy the change in the seasons. The salt of the earth.


If you’re a fan of professional Football. I’m sure you’ve seen them on TV. That yellow foam Cheese Wedge worn on the heads of all those crazy Packer Fans. The House of Cheese started selling the Cheesehead, created and made by Foamation a Milwaukee based company back in the late 1980’s. To date, we have sold 1,000’s upon 1,000’s in-store, through the mail, by phone and over the internet.


Cheese curds, mild yet tasteful, are the final stage of cheese before it is pressed into the block, horn or wheel form. The curds are sold in 1 – pound bags and can be eaten as you would eat a bag of popcorn. Cheese Curds have been the single most popular item in our store since the day we opened. We could not fathom the amount of pounds sold.


Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese is our most popular block cheese. Although our Cheddar is aged anywhere from 2 Months to 11 full years. We have found over the last 10 years an increasing interest in the Wisconsin Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. This cheese ranging in age from 4 to 12 years accounts for 90 % of our yearly Cheddar Cheese sells.

As the Cheddar Cheese ages month by month, year by year the moisture starts to dissipate, the salt starts to crystalize and the cheese develops a delightful robust “burst” of flavor. This taste is often called “The Bite” by many cheese lovers.

In store and over the internet the 4 Year Yellow Extra Sharp Cheddar is our #1 seller.

With this increased interest in Extra Sharp Cheddar, Seguin’s have made an earnest effort to offer the buying public a year by year, color by color selection of the Extra Sharps. Our current offerings included Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 years. Extra Sharp White Cheddar in 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 years

Is there a difference between White and Yellow Cheddar? Some customers say yes others say no. I give you the facts. All cheese is Naturally White or pale white. To change the color to orange or yellow a flavorless natural plant seed called annatto is added to the vat. Whatever you believe, both are delicious.


The past 50 years the Seguin’s have used and continue to use Billboards to attract the touring public to visit their store and sample their product. They have continued in business by offering quality product and good customer service in an enjoyable shopping atmosphere.

Today the internet allows the Seguin’s to use their website to attract a much larger audience. With that said, Ron and Diana Seguin as well as the entire crew want to assure you that you’ll find the same quality, service and guarantees on your internet visit they have offered walk-in customers, friends and neighbors throughout the years.

Randy Klema
Klema’s Seguins Cheese
W1968 US HWY 41
Marinette, Wi 54143

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